Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Parking Passes

2400 Kelly Drive, Philadelphia, PA

I have 7 parking passes. Let me know if you want one and ill spread them evenly.

From Pete Kiliani & Ken Wong:

Entrance to parking on Kelly Drive will be from the North end of the Drive (farthest away from CenterCity), where there will be a Police checkpoint. One of the enclosed passes must be presented to enter the Drive. Then simply place it on your dashboard where it can easily be seen.

When you enter the drive, please proceed immediately to a parking slot, then empty your car of any coolers, tables, grills, food items, tents or whatever else you may be bringing.

Lastly you are reminded not to park on the grass or you will be ticketed and to remove your vehicle by 6pm or you will be towed.


Nat said...

I think that Mary B and I will try to get a ride with Bob R in his car (or my car) so we will need 1 parking pass for that vehicle, please. Thanks, man!

Suhail, Lynne, Liz and Marty are probably another carpool group that will need a pass from among the SCD paddlers.

And I'm assuming we need at least one more pass to account for the rest of the gang (Pete, Mary S, Larry and Robin).

What about the Paddlefish contingent? Will you be alright with 3 passes? 4 passes?

It's a shame that there aren't 8 passes available but 7 actually seems pretty generous, compared to other festivals. Well, we should be fine as long as we organize things in advance :)

Bob said...

As Nat says, I'd like a pass for my car unless someone else wants it for a bigger car, in which case I will happily defer.

I have a Toyota Matrix which is not huge. However, with the back seats folded down, it holds a surprisingly clown-car-sized load of cargo.

I am also bringing our team's pop-up tent and a large wheeled cooler that can be used to consolidate several paddler's drinks and perishables.

laurie b said...

Dick and I are bringing the PFish tent, we can either throw that into someone else's car or take three people with us. We are not staying at the hotel on Sat. night, but will bring people back to the hotel.