Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Feb 25 Trials

Women's ranked scores:

Men's ranked scores:

Conversion = time in sec+(((weight in lbs/2.2046)-100)*0.31)

See you March 31.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Tapering for trials

I was asked if or how to vary training the week leading up to trails...

There are 3 trial days. Assuming that you are on a good training program or just training well you should be making weekly gains. Thus you should be able to produce the best results on your last test.

Your training works in a simple cycle of breaking down muscle and rebuilding it. The way to taper (alter training to get quick gains) is by resting more and working less (more rebuilding and less breaking down) but by resting more you break the breakdown/rebuild cycle. Thus the taper gives a quick boost to your performance but delays your long term gains (in this case by a week or so).

My suggestion is to keep up your training in order to get great results in May. If you feel the need to back off some, do so in areas that do the most muscle damage - ie weights, high intensity intervals and super distance (2hrs+) work. Also if you dont do mini tapers it builds a mental focus which can help to improve performance.

Dont do time trials or other race simulating activities the week leading up to trials. If you need to practice a race plan break up the distance into short blocks with lots of rest.

"(Success) is not something you force, its something that comes naturally with time"
- new Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin in a recent interview.

Friday, February 2, 2007

TRRA Membership

TRRA membership is NOT required for tryouts or the team. However if you want to practice on the ergs on your own time you must become a member.

All membership sign ups are handled online. There are several different options so read through the list carefully to get your best deal. Most people looking to use the ergs will want the Adult Fitness.

TRRA membership page: http://threeriversrowing.org/MembershipInformation.html

Payment can be done via CC when you sign up, check to be mailed with the printed invoice or dropped off at the Lambert Boathouse (Washington's Landing) and you can have monthly payments deducted from an bank account but I think you have to call (412.231.8772) to work that out. It is my understanding that you can sign up for monthly payments then cancel them should you decide to leave TRRA; though this is not a preferred route for TRRA, it does essentially turns your yearly membership into a monthly.

Facility members have access to all indoor equipment at both boathouses. The paddling ergs are at the Lambert Boathouse (Washington's Landing).

There is a bit of a catch. Teams have most of the good time blocks reserved for their use. There is a TRRA rule that 2 ergs must be left for individual member use however 30 high school kids can crowd a place up. These teams are on the rowing machines so usually the paddling machines are open for use but its good practice to ask the coach for the right space to set the erg up at.

Here is a link to the erg schedule for 2007:

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