Saturday, June 9, 2007


undefeated, 3 up, 3 down. heat 2:19, semi 2:18, final 2:17 - i think the course was a little over 500m.

First race against community teams was a blowout

Second race was closer

Grand Final race was tight, we moved on PDBA rooks and Philly police at the start and stayed up, PDBA did a great job staying on our wake at about 2 seats down for the middle of the race. PDBA called a final sprint off ours at about 80 meters to go but our crushing power was too much to handle. Final placement was Team 'burg with PDBA rooks right on our heals at 2:18.

Congratulations to all.


Anonymous said...

Guys that was a blast! During the trip we generated both acceptable and unacceptable images. Here is a link to the acceptable ones :-)


Anonymous said...

This darn blog won't let me paste the entire link so here it is in 2 parts. Combine the 2 parts and paste them as a single link in your web browser:


Jonathan said...

Ha! You know Suhail, I'm not quite sure what you term 'acceptable images'- not sure I *really* wanted to see so much of Larry's chest ;)

So, do we have to email you for the unacceptable ones? Come on...

Thanks to everyone for an absolutely fabulous weekend!

laurie b said...

It was really great, hope we can do it again sometime!

Bob said...

The official festival photography studio has a bunch of pictures on their website:

It's a slog getting through their over-designed interface, but Nat found our team photos among the Camera III set, images 133-135