Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Info for Mercer Park

Here’s the info from GWN. 200’s and 500’s. Twenty five crews including 19 Premier Mixed. The best of NY, Philly, and DC. Top 14 Premier in 500’s do 2000. Looks like 5 race day. Captain’s meeting at 8:15. Robyn and Sophie – please plan to attend. Racing starts at 9. We’re up at 9:24 against DC, GSK Spitzfire and Philadelphia Youth. Looks like we are racing for time so be ready to be at your best. Be ready to Marshal immediately after Captains’s meeting. Everybody dress for 1st race. I’ll let you know Saturday who stands out 1st. Uniform of the day is black top, black bottoms.

Bring your PFD’s!

Same info as attached should be posted on GWN web-site.

Drive careful. See you at Mercer Park.


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