Sunday, May 6, 2007


Ada Ayala-Reyes
Ben Ledewitz
Bob Randolph
Carolyn Newkirk
Dick Northway
Doug Cooper
Jacob Witul
Jonathan Mayes
Jordan Lowe
Larry Wentzel
Laurie Butler
Liz Morris
Lynne Franks-Meinert
Marie Ulsh
Marty Silverman
Mary Scanlon
Mary Brenholts
Natacha De Genna
Pete Schoedel
Rachel Blair
Rissa Witul
Robin Crawford
Stefani Danes

With 24 on the roster the drummer and steersperson will likely come from this list.

Nice job to everyone who tried out.


Jonathan said...

11 guys too - that's pretty cool considering we were only at 5 or 6 after the first couple of try-outs.

The boat today felt pretty damn good for a first outing - especially since it wasn't even full.

I, for one, am excited to see how much potential this group of paddlers has... :)

Nat said...

It did feel good, and that was without Ben, Larry, Pete and Suhail in the engine room---vrrRrOOOM! I can't wait to feel the power next Sunday.

Also, I think we can roster 24 + a drummer, if Ben wants to bring someone else who wouldn't paddle.

Finally, the coach of the US Premier teams will be there watching, and the ladies might even be able to try-out for a bid to Worlds that same Sunday...

Nat said...

Not to downplay the balletic grace and deceptive strength of Stef, Laurie, Rachel and Ada! We missed you guys yesterday.

Suhail said...

Hey guys don’t forget that we’ll be doing an urban bike ride from Millvale to the Southside after practice. So bring your bikes. We’ll stop and have some food at one of the restaurants in the Southside works. We’ll work the upper body in the DB and then add to our fitness, fun, and work the lower body on the bike :-) Ride should last about 2 hours including time for lunch.

Jonathan said...

cool Suhail - I'm up for that although may have to duck out on the lunch to get to work on time :s

Bob said...

Very cool practice!

The next one is 9-11 on Sunday May 27 at the Millvale boathouse, right? No stragglers and more speed!

Jonathan said...

Correct date and time, wrong location:

the 5/27 practice is at the Fox Chapel Marina

Nat said...

Actually, Jonathan, I am pretty sure Ben wanted us to meet at TRRA next practice (May 27th) because there is special equipment in one of your boats + a place/equipment to view film of our paddling...correct me if I'm wrong, Ben.

I think that only our last practice before Philly will be at Fox Chapel Marine: June 3rd.

laurie b said...

I think Nat is correct-Dick and I have to miss the May 26th practice (we're going to a wedding) but Ben did say MILLVALE--for the 26th and Fox Chapel for June 3rd. We will miss you on the 26th--have fun! See you in a couple of weeks.